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Michael Dalton on Television


So we are on television - broadcasting every Saturday night at 1:00 am on KVMD Channel 31, Los Angeles - to get that message out.

( In the cable listings, and television guides - our program is listed as simply - Michael Dalton)

The broadcast signal of KVMD Channel 31 covers almost 19 million people - and it is carried by virtually ever cable company, in every city under it's broadcast signal.
( It is also carried by DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T U-verse, and Verizon Fios ) . 

What a privilege to broadcast in the Los Angeles area! 


If you haven't yet watched a program - we invite you to tune in.

If you are already watching - would you tell someone you know about the program?

You're the best advertising there is!

Thanks for your help.


We continue broadcasting - and look forward with

excitment to all that lays ahead.


There is a world that needs to know Him



If you have seen one of our television programs, you know that we are doing our best not to be "religious".

In fact - we aren't trying to make you religious at all!
   No - our purpose is so different than that.
We are reaching out to let you know how incredibly valuable you are -
to let you know that you are truly more valuable than you have ever dreamed!
We want you to know that you were Created for a wonderful purpose - a marvelous destiny - and that destiny is so huge, but it is also so simple.

You see the reason you were Created is to have Joy!
That isn't religious - it is amazing!

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