We Broadcast on the following Stations at these times:

Los Angeles, Ca:

KCAL  Channel 9  Sunday Night  2:00 am

KXLA   Channel  44  Saturday Night  1:00 am
KVMD  Channel  31  Saturday Night  1:00 am

Detroit, Michigan:
WDIV - NBC  Channel 4  Sunday Night  2:00 am

Chicago, Illinois:

WBBM - CBS  Channel 2  Friday Night  1:42 am
(immediately after the local news)

***Important Note***
Because of the NCAA Basketball tournament on CBS
our program is being preempted for 2 Friday Nights
in Chicago, Illinois on WBBM CBS Channel 2
The dates are:
Friday March 22nd and March 29th.
We will be back again the following Friday Night - 
April the 5th on WBBM CBS Channel 2
at our regular time - 1:42 am.
(immediately after the local news)
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