The station we are broadcasting on is KVMD - Channel 31 Los Angeles, CA. 


We are on every 

 Saturday, night at 1:00 am.

Here is some information to help you locate
KVMD Los Angeles -
in your television providers
channel lineup.


  1. You can check to see where KVMD is in your channel line up - by clicking on the "Word Icon" just below.

When you do - a "word" document will open listing the Cable

Companies for Southern California - the Cities they cover - and the channel number for KVMD for each City listed -under each Cable Provider.


(The document is only a partial list of cities -

you can also check you local TV listings - Thanks.)


2.  KVMD is a full power Digital broadcast channel 
covering almost the entire Los Angeles Basin.

Above is the FCC map of the coverage of KVMD Channel 31

Los Angeles.

Anyone living within the blue circle on the map, should be able to view the station on a regular digital TV - or an older analog TV with a Digital Antenna (and a converter box)


(Here is a tip - if you live in a weak signal area and you can't see KVMD on channel 31 -

manually add Channel 23 on your Digital Television, or on your converter box -

as an alternate way to view KVMD - Thanks.)