The stations we are broadcasting on are:

Los Angeles, Ca:

KCAL - Channel 9  Sunday Night  2:00 am
(immediately after T.D. Jakes)

KXLA -  Channel 44  Saturday Night   1:00 am
KVMD - Channel 31  Saturday Night   1:00 am

Detroit, Michigan:
WDIV - NBC  Channel 4  Saturday Night  2:00 am

Chicago, Illinois:

WBBM - CBS  Channel 2  Friday Night  1:42 am 
(immediately after the the local news)

Memphis, Tennessee:

WREG - CBS  Channel 3  Saturday Night 12:30 am

Below is the coverage map of one of our Stations in Los Angeles.

There are over 18 million people under the Stations Signal.

In Detroit, Chicago and all the other cities we broadcast in

there are also 

millions of people under our broadcast signals.  


What a privilege to be able to reach out to so many - with the

Message of Freedom!