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So we are on television - broadcasting - to let you know your real Worth.

To help you get off the treadmills - that we all have been told would lead us to feel valuable - to finally feel like we are "somebody"- but the treadmills never really work.

We are on to expose the lies - including those from the world of science - which created racism and are here instead to reveal the amazing Truth that shows how valuable You actually already are! You are Priceless! 

We are letting the world know there is only one race on the earth - the human race!  We are all cousins. 

We all come from the same original man and woman! 

We are one blood, one family, one people!

We came on to tell you who you really truly are - a man or woman - created by God In His Image and His likeness. Made to have and Eternal Relationship With Him - The Creator Of The Universe!

You Are Priceless to Him! That's how valuable He Made You!

That's how much He Loves You!

That's how valuable you really are! 

You can finally get off the treadmill of trying to be "somebody" -

because you already are "somebody"

You Are Priceless

God always gives His All!

When you know The Truth - The Truth really does make you free!

If you haven't yet watched a program - we invite you to tune in to a broadcast - or watch one of the programs that are here on our website. 

If you are already watching - we appreciate it! 

I have a request - would you tell someone you know about our program? They also need to know how valuable they really are.

You are the best advertising there is!

Thanks for your help.


We continue broadcasting - and look forward with

excitement to all that lays ahead.


There is a world that needs to know Him



If you have seen one of our television programs, you know that we are doing our best not to be "religious".

In fact - we aren't trying to make you religious at all! 

No - our purpose is so different than that.
We are reaching out to let you know how incredibly valuable you are -
to let you know that you are truly more valuable than you have ever dreamed!
We want you to know that you were created for a wonderful purpose - a marvelous destiny - and that destiny is so huge, but it is also so simple.

You see the reason you were created is to have Joy!
That isn't religious - it is amazing!

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