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Most of the articles on - "We are all one race"  - are by Biologists that still believe in the " Theory of evolution"
buy can't deny the evidence that there is only One Race on The Earth - The Human Race!

The myth of 'race' was invented by racism, and racism keeps it growing

Busting the myth of biological race

Agustín Fuentes Ph.D.


Are There Really Different Races?

Links:  on killing and stealing Aboriginal people for "science"

Griffith Review Australia

Theft in the name of science

DURING THE NINETEENTH and early twentieth centuries, numerous skulls and skeletons of Queensland Aboriginal people found their way into museums and scientific collections throughout the world.....


The Guardian

The bone collectors: a brutal chapter in Australia's past


Link:  Darwin and Eugentics

by Bill Muehlenberg


"...Our ways of learning about the world are strongly influenced by the social preconceptions and biased modes of thinking that each scientist must apply to any problem. The stereotype of a fully rational and objective 'scientific method,' with individual scientists as logical robots, is self-serving mythology."

-- Stephen J. Gould, "In the Mind of the Beholder," Natural History, February 1994